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When will I get my tee?

Soon! It depends a bit on how far you are from Artitude Tees international headquarters (my garage in Minnesota), but I send them out within a day of recieving your order.

Artist made- Really? 

YES. Hi folks- Sue here. I am a metal artist.  That's actually my full time gig and I love it-- but-- most of the pieces I make are rather large and take up to several months to create. I can't always go several months without a paycheck while I'm welding up my next masterpiece, so I created Artitude Tees to help fill the gaps for me. It's another fun outlet for my creativity, and allows people who are into my art but not up for spending thousands on a major piece another way to show support and get a cool thing designed and made by me.   You can see my metal art by googling "Sue Seeger's art".


What if I want to return something? 

Go ahead-- ship it back and I'll gladly refund you the purchase price or exchange the item for you.  "Artist made"-- I am an artist-- I create things with the intention of adding more coolness to the world.  I want to you be happy with your purchase.  That's #1 for me.  :)


What if I want to pick my order up? 

If you would like to pick up your order in Elk River MN that's totally fine.  Enter the discount code PICKUP when you purchase and you won't be charged shipping (this normally costs $3 to $6).  I'll email you pick up instructions.


Will you ship to Timbuktu? 

I will ship anywhere, but need to investigate shipping charges outside the contiguous 48 states on a case by case basis.  Use the contact form; let me know what you want and I'll let you know the shipping cost.  :)


How should I care for my new prized possession? 

Your new tee (or messenger bag) will be best preserved if you turn it inside-out before laundering, and wash on cold.  You ~CAN~ just throw it in the washer/dryer, but it will be a bit harder on it.  Also things tend to shrink more in warmer wash temps.


I'm concerned about becoming *too cool*...  

While your cool factor will increase exponentially with each purchase made from Artitude Tees, we've found it's actually impossible to be TOO cool.  Relax and steer into the skid.  You'll rock it.


What if I want a design that’s out of stock, and not on press?

Use the contact form to let me know what you'd like, or to see if your design is scheduled for another print run in the near future. If I get enough requests for any one design, I may be persuaded to put the welder on pause and print another batch, so be sure to let me know if interested in a size/design that's out of stock.


My Artitude tee/bag is so rockin' I want the world to know! 

How can I make this happen? 

Look at you-- wanting to show off your tude.  You go, you.  It's easy-- We're everywhere-- Facebook (<-- that's a link), Twitter (@artitudetees), Instagram, Pinterest.  Use the share buttons here on the site-- click on the item you like and you'll see them along the bottom under the product description.  Or--upload your own pics to our pages-- show off the goods!  Use #artitudetees and you might even get a get a discount code.